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Something in the Blood: The Untold Story of Bram Stoker, the Man Who Wrote Dracula

by David J. Skal

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A groundbreaking biography reveals the haunted origins of the man who created Dracula and traces the psychosexual contours of late Victorian society.

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By the time we meandered back onto Stoker, I had completely lost track of what he was talking about before.So I dont know how to rate thisThe author's thesis is that Stoker was a secret homosexual, and he very well may have been, but the author uses bases a lot of this on pure conjecture (like when he implies that letters to his friend Hall Caine that no longer exist and no one has ever seen were really love letters, or that he wrestled with wanting to be a woman because his mother hovered over him when he was a bed ridden sickly child)Also, if it does sound interesting to you, I would recommend the print version instead of audioSomething in the Blood isnt a biography of the Dublin-born Bram Stoker, author of a dozen novels and several works of nonfictionI picked up this book hoping Id have a better idea of what influenced StokerAnyone.It's intensely frustrating that this book says, at the same time, both "this is so" and "we can't possibly know"It remains one of my favorite horror stories, being full of suspense and the darker, often repressed, side of human natureThe book wanders into areas that literally have nothing to do with StokerI was fascinated by the number of knock-offs of Dracula, both in book form and on screenHowever, it seemed to be more about everyone around Stoker than Stoker himselfIt was, after all, a time when the prevailing attitude was that the wife was for running the household and providing an heirVERDICT Since this audiobook also includes the full text of Stoker's freshly revealed letters, it would be an engrossing listen for Dracula and Stoker fans, as well as literature students and facultySkal A 2017 Edgar Award FinalistA revelatory biography exhumes the haunted origins of the man behind the immortal myth, bringing us "the closest we can get to understanding [Bram Stoker] and his iconic tale" (The New Yorker).In this groundbreaking portrait of the man who birthed an undying cultural icon, David JCaine was a homosexual, and the sexless marriage that seemed to exist between Florence and Bram may have indicated a preference that did not involve a vaginaEditorial Reviews “Sharply written, well-researched (with judicious use of recent discoveries), attentive to detail, and entertaining to readAccording to some reputable data this book dug up, perhaps as much as 25% of London males during Stokers time had this STDA sketch of Florence Balcombe by Oscar Wilde.Given the scandal that erupts around Oscar Wilde, which culminates with him going to jail for indecency, you would think a woman would feel like she might have dodged a bulletRecalling the psychosexual contours of Stoker’s life and art in splendidly gothic detail, Something in the Blood is the definitive biography for years to comeSuch gaps naturally encourage a biographer to slide into armchair analysisWas she too overwhelmed by Wilde? Was Stoker a better risk, given that he never gave up steady work to write? Regardless, there are some signs that she always regretted her decision to marry Stoker over WildeThis one went with the warning that, given the sometimes plodding writing and the near-monotone of the narrator, it might be a driving hazardIn the end, I don't really feel I "know" Bram Stoker any better than I did when I began this.What kept popping into my mind as the author pulled this bit or that out of Dracula and Stoker's other writing and Wilde's, and so many others was, simply, "sometimes a cigar is just a cigar"Jan 13, 2017 Tracey White rated it it was ok This is not really a Bram Stoker biographyStoker did blossom from this stage into a boy and thats when he became much more activeIts a biography of the man who wrote Dracula 6219bd42a1
David J Skal

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